Tucson Sewer Scope Inspections

Tucson Sewer Scope Inspections

Tanque Verde Home Inspections offers video sewer scope inspections of the sewer line going from the home to the city sewer or to the septic tank. Per Pima County, the home owner is responsible for the sewer line going from the home until it connects to the city sewer. There may be some instances where Pima County may make repairs when the sewer line goes under public right of ways (e.g. sidewalks, roads). However, in general, the home owner is still responsible for repairs to the house’s sewer line even when under these public right of ways.

Issues with the sewer line can be present regardless of the age of the home. Defects such as bellies and cracks can occur during installation.

In older homes it is more common to see corrosion in cast iron pipes, cracks, tree roots, and offsets. These defects can cause debris to build up in the line until the line becomes completely backed up.

Sometimes a cleaning of the line can resolve some issues, but generally partial replacement or full replacement of the line may be needed. These repairs usually cost thousands of dollars.

Even if the home is on septic, you can still experience the issues listed above with the sewer line under the house and leading to the septic tank.

All of our home inspectors are certified to perform sewer scope inspections. Because Home Inspectors are not allowed to sell repair services (unlike plumbers) we offer the home owner or the home buyer an unbiased inspection of the sewer line. We work to determine the location of issues with the depth, so a plumber can quote any necessary repairs.

We offer sewer scope inspections as part of a home inspection or as a standalone service. Visit our Services page for pricing.

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