Manufactured Home HUD Certification

When buying a manufactured home (built after 15 June 1976), your lender will require a Manufactured Home HUD Certification to ensure the home is properly affixed and secured. This may include a Foundation Certification and/or an Addition Certification. It also evaluates whether or not the home has ever been moved from its 1st permanently installed location.

What is a Foundation Certification?

A HUD engineering foundation inspection is: To conduct a structural inspection for determining:

  • If the manufactured home is permanently tied down, and
  • That the home would not float off the piers or foundation,
  • That the drainage of the house will not flood the crawlspace or basement.

What is an Addition Certification?

Decks, porches and room additions are regulated by the construction codes for each state and/or local housing authority. If the property has an addition attached after the home was sited, the attachment is not regulated by HUD Standards or Regulations. If an addition has been added to a manufactured home, it may take the home out of conformance with the Standards. The Addition Certification looks to verify if the addition is transferring any load from the addition onto the manufactured home.

Tanque Verde Home Inspections offers Manufacture Home HUD Certifications as an optional service when performing a home inspection on a manufactured home.

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