Pool Inspection

A pool inspection by Tanque Verde Home Inspections will look at the following items:

  • Pool structure
  • Pool surface (e.g. plaster, pebble surface)
  • Decks, steps, and coping
  • Filter
  • Cleaning system
  • Equipment (i.e. pump/motor, pipes, valves, auto-fill, etc.)
  • Heater (if present)
  • Electrical (e.g. wiring, electrical panel, bonding, GFCI, etc.)
  • Safety items (e.g. pool fencing, drains, back flow preventers, etc.)

A pool can provide great time with family and friends. We will help ensure a safe experience for you and your family. Additionally, we will identify issues that would cause you to spend more time working on your pool, versus enjoying it.

Our pool inspections are done in accordance with the standards adopted by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

Please call us at 520-462-8844 or follow this link to schedule your inspection.

Pool Inspection

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