Parallel Inspections

If you are looking to become a home inspector, the State of Arizona requires applicants perform 30 parallel inspections. A parallel inspection consists of doing an inspection with an Arizona certified home inspector and completing a home inspection report. The Arizona certified home inspector is required by the State to provide feedback to the applicant on the report. Additionally, the certified inspector must have done at least 250 inspections and be in good standing with the State for the last three years.

Tanque Verde Home Inspections offers parallels to prospective home inspectors. The cost for each parallel inspection is $200.

For successful prospective inspectors, there is an opportunity for employment with Tanque Verde Home Inspections. We provide a program to reimburse the cost of the parallels through employment.

For more information on parallel inspections, please call us at 520-462-8844. If you want to learn more about career opportunities with Tanque Verde Home inspections please visit our Careers page.

This link to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration provides more information on becoming a home inspector.

parallel inspections

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