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A home inspection report will vary greatly between home inspection companies. The minimum requirement set by the State of Arizona for an inspection report by a home inspector is a checklist (e.g. pass/fail, inspected/not inspected, truss/conventional, etc.). This format typically will not give the client any real valuable information on its own. Many home inspectors will go further and provide some narrative in addition to the checklist, giving a description of a deficiency found. Some home inspectors will give you photos to further illustrate the issue.

Tanque Verde Home Inspections believes in giving you the most detailed home inspection report, as we believe in educating you on the condition of the home you are purchasing. Our home inspectors provide not only the checklist, but also detailed narrative where necessary, along with pictures and annotations on the images when needed to highlight the issue in question. Make sure the report you receive has the checklist, narrative, and pictures, by using Tanque Verde Home Inspections.

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Visual & Informative Reports

  • Visual

    High-quality images in HTML and PDF formats…so you can quickly see what’s important.


    We go through the report and findings with you and your agent after the inspection.


    Our full, visual report is delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.


    We’ll send you an email with a link to the report.


    Our modern reports can be viewed on your phone or tablet.


    Our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for our agent partners. This helps agents quickly grab the language to copy/paste into their document to ask for repairs or concessions.

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