Solar Inspections

If you’re buying a home with solar panels, a solar inspection by Tanque Verde Home Inspections can identify panel, installation, or electrical issues that can affect the productivity of the system, cause roof leaks, or lead to safety concerns.

A solar system can add or subtract value from a home depending on the condition of the system, as well as if the system is owned or leased. Therefore, a solar inspection can help ensure the condition of the system won’t decrease your home’s value.

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Common Issues Found from Solar Inspections:

  • Cracked or damaged solar panels
  • Hot spots in solar panels
  • Lack of clearance (e.g. walkways, conduit/cabling, panel spacing)
  • Improper flashing of roof mounts
  • Lack of safety labeling on electrical equipment/conduit
  • Exceeding panel amperage ratings
Solar Panel Hot Spots

What’s Inspected in a Solar Inspection?

  • Evaluate installation of the solar panels and conduit/cabling
  • Visually inspect panels for damage including cracking, mechanical damage, hot spots, etc.
  • Visually inspect installation of the inverters and evaluate for error codes
  • Identify DC and AC Disconnects
  • Verify presence of safety labeling on electrical equipment/conduit
  • Verify panel amperage ratings don’t exceed safe limits
  • Inspect attic space (if accessible) to identify installation defects such as structural damage and roof leaks

Note: we do not evaluate the productivity/efficiency of the solar system. Therefore, buyer’s should obtain current and past bills from the utility and production reports from the seller or system provider to determine the productivity and efficiency of the system.

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