Termite Inspection

To make scheduling your home inspection easier, you can also book a termite inspection with us. If you are buying a home, mortgage lenders often require a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR).

Sub-terranean termites are extremely common in Southern Arizona, so don’t be surprised if termites are found in your home. Sub-terranean termites present themselves as mud tubes. These mud tubes connect the termite’s food source back to the colony. The tubes are made from soil, wood, and termite saliva.

Generally, you will see these tubes on the outside of the home on the foundation, below the wall siding (see photo to the right).

On the interior, you might see tubes coming out of the walls or ceiling.

The treatment for subterranean termites is simple. A trench is dug around the home. In areas with concrete (i.e. patios, walkways, etc.), holes will be drilled. The trench and holes are then filled with a lethal barrier (e.g. Termidor). Finally, the trench is filled back in and the holes in concrete are patched. That’s it!

Termite Inspection

Our Partners

We can book termite inspections through the following companies:

  • Budget Pest Control: Budget is available Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday mornings.
  • Bug Stop Termite: Bug Stop is available Monday through Saturday.

We require at least one business day to arrange the termite company to be present at the time of the home inspection.

Please call us at 520-462-8844 or follow this link to schedule your inspection.

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