Home Buyer’s Home Inspection in Tucson

A home buyer’s home inspection is the most commonly known and used home inspector service. Before closing on a home, the home buyer has a discovery period wherein the buyer has a home inspection done by an Arizona State Certified Home Inspector. The home inspector is considered a “disinterested 3rd party”. This means that the home inspector has no gain or loss whether or not the real estate transaction happens. The home inspector’s only obligation is to the home buyer. As a result, this helps ensure the home buyer has the best unbiased knowledge about the condition of the home.

Additionally, the home inspector is not allowed to sell any repair services on the home for 12 months. The reason this is extremely important. A roofer, electrician, plumber, etc. want to sell you a service, so you may not get an unbiased opinion. The home inspector is unbiased and is not allowed to sell you repair services for the items in the report.

Home Buyer’s Home Inspection

After the Inspection

Based upon the findings in the home inspection report provided by the home inspector, the home buyer and the buyer’s real estate agent respond to the home seller and the home seller’s real estate agent with the BINSR. BINSR stands for Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response. Here the buyer has an opportunity to ask the seller to fix items found by the home inspector. The buyer can also ask the seller provide a credit to the buyer, so the buyer can have the repairs done by the buyer’s contractor. Also, the home inspection becomes even more critical when doing an “As Is” home purchase. With an “As Is” transaction, you can more fully know what the potential financial impacts will be to your pocket book by having a home inspector do the inspection for you.

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