Seller’s Pre-Listing Home Inspections in Tucson, Arizona

Don’t wait until the home buyer does their home inspection to find out what is wrong with your house. Knowing what is wrong before you list your home and how much things will cost will better prepare you for the negotiations between you and the buyer. You don’t want to find out after you have negotiated the price, that $5000 in repairs are necessary.

A seller’s pre-listing home inspection is the same as a buyer’s home inspection. The difference is in the report. With a seller’s pre-listing home inspection only major deficiencies (e.g. roof, HVAC, or electrical issues) are reported, not cosmetic (e.g. wall finish, scratches, etc.) and minor deficiencies (e.g. cracked switch plates, etc.).

By knowing the issues, you can correct them prior to listing your home and price the home accordingly. This will help facilitate a smoother home sale.

Note: Any issues found during the pre-listing home inspection may need to be disclosed on the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.

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